Road accidents happen every day. We hope it will never happen to ourselves, family or fellow work colleagues. But unfortunately it can. The consequences can be far reaching, affecting our families, livelihoods and businesses. So what can we do to minimise the risk? Sensible precautions and good driving skills can make an appreciable difference. DriveSafe has therefore introduced a unique driver safety course. This day long course combines the practicalities of road safety skills and driver awareness with personal safety in everyday life.


Drivers completing the course will receive a certificate demonstrating that they and their company take the wellbeing of themselves and others on the roads extremely seriously. So whether we are an individual driver or running a business we need to consider how we can:

  • Improve driver safety in all conditions for both yourselves and others
  • Achieve cost savings through lower repair bills and insurance premiums
  • Identify ways to improve driving efficiency through better management & promote environmentally friendly driving e.g. reduced fuel and maintenance costs
  • Demonstrate to employees that you take their wellbeing and welfare seriously
  • Reduce employee absenteeism through accidents
  • Demonstrate ‘Duty of Care’
  • Support Corporate Responsibility requirements
  • Having more aware and responsible drivers may help win new business
  • Include the DriveSafe & StaySafe icon on company websites and literature

As well as society in general benefiting from safer roads, companies, from large corporations to small SMEs, will reap positive rewards by adapting a safer roads strategy for its staff. As part of your overall Health and Safety Management this course will help you fulfil Duty of Care corporate responsibilities. Reducing the level of risk will result in tangible benefits.

Course Signup

DriveSafe & StaySafe initiative is supported by the Crime and Police Commissioner for the West Midlands Police amongst other high profile leaders.

For details please email Laura on or call Fay on 07976 426463

We are offering a special introductory course fee of just £95 for this full day course and certificate including all refreshments and lunch.


I would strongly recommend this course to newly-qualified and/or nervous drivers, although as an experienced motorist myself, I found it very beneficial. When you pass your test, it can be a daunting experience driving alone for the first time and this is where Fay’s guidance and expertise is so invaluable. She takes you through an easy-to-follow guide on a number of issues, including how to deal with aggressive motorists, basic car maintenance (checking oil and tyre pressure etc) and tips to ensure you complete your journey safe and sound.

-Sue Hurrell
Head of Business Development, IoD West Midlands