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DriveSafe & StaySafe

DriveSafe and StaySafe was incorporated March 2011 following the successful DriveSafe campaign initiated in April 2005 where it was supported by TV Presenters Quentin Willson and Kay Alexander, GoSkills, AWM, Highways Agency, Virgin Trains, Beckland Motors, Burlington Hotel, Goodmedia, West Midlands Police and Warwickshire Police.

In 2008, a collaborative relationship with Aston University was developed resulting in ESRC funding for a PHD student to research driving behaviour, particularly in women and older people. The results of this research have proved invaluable in understanding patterns and habits of driving in these groups and their perceptions of safety.

We welcome working with like minded organisations and also volunteers.  Please contact us on info@drivesafe-staysafe for more details and tell us about yourself and how you would like to become involved.  By working together we can improve safety and most importantly SAVE LIVES!

DriveSafe Book

The DriveSafe Book is an essential guide for every motorist, offering practical advice and tips on how to deal with everything from car maintenance to road rage. Building on its early successes as an initiative focused on women drivers, DriveSafe has now been expanded to reach out to all drivers to ensure that every motorist will feel confident and safe whilst driving. No driver wants to feel vulnerable or become the victim of crime. By understanding how we can project the right body language, use appropriate verbal skills and by applying the most appropriate driving techniques we provide ourselves with the best opportunity of remaining safe and in control under most circumstances.

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The Conies

Aside from being a fun and catchy animation concept, “The Conies” teach very important lessons about road safety and personal safety.

We at DriveSafe feel that children everywhere need “The Conies” now more than ever.

The Conies animations are supported by a comprehensive portfolio of aids, lesson plans, activities & games and other teaching aids to help and reinforce children’s understanding of road safety and personal safety concepts.

We hope that by appealing to children in a way that they can enjoy and understand, “The Conies” will lower accident figures and keep more children safe. “The Conies” can also help shape the drivers of the future into being more considerate and attentive on the roads so future generations of children can be that much safer.


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